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Mr. Fakhar Zaman
Director Academics and Training
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A diversified profile, spreading over more than twenty five years, is a blend of Civil Service and Judiciary. Commencing with academic excellence, my career witnessed grooming at Civil Services Academy. The training inputs added to my acumen in administration as well as legal fields.

            Additionally, my training abroad further augmented my research skills. While exposure in international environment broadened my mental horizon, my association with implementation of institutional reform initiatives inculcated analytical approaches and report writing techniques.

             Contribution to policy making process both at Provincial as well as Federal level has been a distinctive feature of my career. Working with stalwarts of the judicial hierarchy remained a privilege. Event management and provision of logistics remained an additional portfolio throughout.

            The span of my experience over the years has led me to have in-depth technical knowledge of Computers. Supplementary to the above occupational merits, I possess good interpersonal and communication skills with commitment to achieve targets.



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Date of Joining Service

31st October 1992


Service Details





1986, University of Peshawar

LL.B. (Gold Medalist)           

1989, Faculty of Law, University of Peshawar


Master of Law & Development 

2009, University of Melbourne- Australia



1.            Central Superior Service (CSS) Examination/1991.


2.            Provincial Civil Service (Judicial) Examination/1998.




Ø   Successfully completed “Training of Trainers” Course, organized by British Council, Pakistan in October 2004.


Ø   Successfully completed Six weeks pre-service training course at Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad, in 1998.


Ø   Successfully completed Management Course at Postal Staff College. Islamabad, 1994.


Ø   Successfully completed 20th Common Training Programme, at Civil Service Academy, Lahore, 1992.




Ø   Represented Government of Pakistan in “Seminar on Chinese Culture and Economy” Nanchang, China-2008


Ø   As Additional Secretary, Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights Department, Government of NWFP, organized core group consultative dialogue of the NGOs working on Child Rights -2006      


Ø   As Additional Secretary, Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights Department, Government of NWFP, organized workshop on ‘Child Protection Laws’ in collaboration with UNICEF-2006


Ø   Attended seminar on ‘Citizen Police Liaison’ organized by ‘Essential Institutional Reforms Operationalization Program’ (EIROP)-2006


Ø   Participated in Stakeholders conference for finalization of Annual Work Plan of the ‘EIROP’ under Planning and Development Department of the Government of NWFP-2005.


Ø   Assisted ‘Aurat Foundation’ in organizing Study Clinics for legal apprentice 2005.


Ø   Organized Delay Reduction Workshops in collaboration         with Canadian International Development Agency             (CIDA) 2004.


Ø   Conducted case flow management study in focal Districts of the NWFP under AJP reforms initiatives 2004.


Ø    Attended Seminar on “Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)” organized by Supreme Court Bar Association, 2004.


Ø   Organized “Provincial Judicial Conference”, 2004.


Ø   Organized Regional Conferences with District Judiciary of the Province for compiling feed back on the performance of District Committees established under Police Order, 2002.


Ø   Attended Seminar on “World Environment Day” organized by IUCN and Sarhad Conservation Network (SCN). 2004.


Ø   Attended Workshop organized by EPA and IUCN for Environmental Magistrates, 2004.


Ø   Represented Peshawar High Court in “Stakeholders Consultation Workshop” organized by “Aurat Foundation” for assessing Police and Judicial Reforms, 2004.


Ø   Participated in Workshop on “International Mechanisms for the Protection of Human Rights” organized by ‘Society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid’ (SHARP), Islamabad, 2004.


Ø   Attended Project Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop, organized by Planning Division, 2004.


Ø   Organized Provincial Judicial Conference, August 2003.


Ø   Organized Management Orientation Workshop for Senior Civil Judges, 2003.


Ø   Attended “Computer and IT Awareness Workshop” at COMSAT, Abbottabad, 2002.


Ø   Attended One day Workshop for Environmental Magistrates, 2001.




·        For about two and half years, remained Member of Administration Team of Peshawar High Court.


·        Assigned the task of pursuing the reform agenda under “Access to Justice Programme”.


·        Represented Provincial Judiciary at Federal and Provincial Level in PDWP, NPRCC etc.


·        Remained engaged in meaningful dialogue with stakeholders, Implementing Agencies and Civil Society, in context of reforms.


·        Prepared, monitored and evaluated different projects for strengthening institutional capacity of District Judiciary under Access to Justice Programme.


·        Organized Quarterly Conference of the District & Sessions Judges of the Province on Citizen Court Liaison Plan.


·        Studied the impact of District Public Safety Commission on Criminal Justice system.


·        Coordinated the activities of “Third Party Evaluation Team” for Police and Judicial Reforms launched by Asian Development Bank for institutional reforms in the Judiciary.


·        Accompanied “Annual Review Mission” of the Asian Development Bank for institutional reforms in the Judiciary.


·        Accompanied Governance Team of the Asian Development Bank for undertaking “Focal Districts Strategy” for piloting AJP related innovations.


·        Contributed to the draft and compilation of Peshawar High Court Annual Report, 2003.


·        Compiled Evaluation Report of Training of Civil Judges at Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad.





·        During 2003-2005, remained Secretary of the ‘Training Committee’ of the Peshawar High Court.


·        Conducted ‘Training Need Assessment’ of the District Judiciary.


·        Prepared training modules and methodology for pre service training of the Civil Judges cum Judicial Magistrates.


·        Coordinated logistic support for trainings with Federal Judicial Academy, compiled monitoring and evaluation of training activities.




1.      ‘Impediments in establishment of District Public safety Commissions’ 2005/UNDP-NWFP EIROP.


2.      ‘Impact of Reform Interventions under Access to Justice Programme on Poverty Reduction’ 2007/University of Melbourne-Australia.


3.      Rights-Based Approach to Development’ in context of ‘War on Terror’- A Post-9/11 Case Study of Pakistan, 2007/University of Melbourne-Australia.


4.      “Honour Killing” in context of Qisas and Diyat law, 2007/University of Melbourne-Australia.


5.      Criminal Justice System and Human Rights Standards- a case study of Pakistan’, 2008/University of Melbourne-Australia.


6.      “Afghan Transit Trade Agreement” enforcement issues and impact on economy- a Pakistan’s Perspective, 2008/University of Melbourne-Australia.


7.      “Bringing Health Practitioners to Justice” Medical Litigation in Developing Countries:  the case of Pakistan, 2008/University of Melbourne-Australia.